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Is your business seeking a cost-effective Burger, Large Burger, Large Snack and Large Dinner foam clam container solution? Then look no further!
This bulk range of premium expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam foam clam containers is popular with all takeaways, kebab shops, and fast food restaurants.
The foam construction increase heat insulation and features an easy closure tab to maintain food at an ideal temperature to retain taste and protects against grease and oil.
Often purchased with our vast range of food packaging supplies such as paper towels, cutlery and take away containers.

Premium Food-Grade Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam construction
Standard 'Burger', 'Large Burger', 'Large Snack', 'Large Dinner' size range
Insulated foam to maintain food temperature
Convenient stackable design to save you space
BPA free
Suitable for hot or cold applications
Great for fast food - burgers, snack packs, fish & chips
Superb bulk value

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam
Standard Size Range:
Burger - 146mm x 148mm x 34mm
Large Burger - 160mm x 155mm x 82mm
Large Snack - 230mm x 150mm x 70mm
Large Dinner - 230mm x 230mm x 75mm
Large Dinner 3 Compartment - 240mm x 230mm x 85mm
7 x 9” Oval Plate - 180mm x 225mm x 20mm

Package Includes
100 x Foam Clam Containers (Burger / Large Burger / Large Snack / Large Dinner / Large Dinner 3 Compartments / 7 x 9" Oval Plate)
* 7 x 9" Oval Plates come with an extra Free 25 Pieces = 125 Total