2x White Zapper Gun for Nintendo Wii Remote Controller Call Of Duty

Brand: ozpack.au

Product Code: GME_038_NW_OZ_2X

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Product Features
  • Brand New Zapper Gun for Nintendo Wii Shooting Games.
  • The Wii Zapper allows the user to insert a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, into either end and play all shooting games for Wii. 
  • The control stick with the Nunchuk controls player movement, while aiming the zapper moves the target on the screen.
  • Player will feel like as if they are playing in reality rather than a simulation.
  • Quality design, comfortable hand feeling.
  • Adds more fun to shooting games.
  • Light gun lets you feel the super-shock game effect.


  • 2 x Wii Zapper Gun
  • *Note: Remote & Nunchuk for Wii not included.