3 Blue Blades For Men Gillette 3 Razor Shaving Shaver Trimmer Refills Cartridges

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- Razor Blade
- Scope: 3 layers of razor blades.
- Fits For The Gillette Fusion and Gillette Fusion Power.
- Material:Plastic + Stainless Steel.
- Color:Blue.

- To feel silky smooth skin.
- generic replacement and not original Gillette mach3 all series.
- This is for men.
- 3-Blade System captures and cut hairs easily.
- Flexible Comfort Guard.
- Soft skin protection fins.
- After shaving, wash with water and dry.
- The 3 layers of new sensitive resistance blade, can reduce skin irritation, more thoroughly, every root beard cut off.
- The enhanced display lubrication, even shave shaving for many times, never experienced comfortable enjoy.