76L Garbage Bags Heavy Duty Kitchen Rubbish Bin Liners Large Plastic Bags Black

Brand: ozpack.au

Product Code: DS_FP_OA_001_76L_50x

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We all need garbage bin liners, whether it be at home or at work.
This economical and bulk range of 76L deluxe garbage bag bin liners are perfect for solving that problem.
The super heavy duty exterior construction makes it ideal in all home, commercial and industrial environments, whether it be for your kitchen, garden, council or trolley bins.
Why not make the switch today to these great value garbage bags and start saving unnecessary costs to your business.

Super heavy duty & premium garbage bag construction reduces tearing
Low cost, economical bulk value rolls provides you long-term cost savings
Usable in domestic/commercial/industrial environments
Ideal for kitchens, gardens, building, renovations, removals, storage & more

Size / Volume: 76L / 750mm x 900mm

Package Includes
50x / 250x Garbage Bags