Disposable Chopsticks Wooden Beige Cutlery Catering Restaurant Japanese Bamboo

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Made from birch wood and individually wrapped in paper, these disposable chopsticks are joined at the top and are roughly 5mm wide at the top and 4mm wide at the base once separated.
Both hygienic and economically responsible, these chopsticks are produced from sustainable birch and are biodegradable. As such, if you use them in your restaurant you can dispose of them with food waste and save on paying to have non-recyclable waste removed.
The chopsticks are also great for using in takeaways as they can be placed with foods without absorbing flavors from other dishes. 8in/204mm (L)

Smooth, strong birch wood construction makes them comfortable to hold
ISO 9001-2000 UKAS
Ideal for use at zero waste functions

Description Disposable Wooden Chopsticks
Model (SKU) Disposable Wooden Chopsticks - 203mm x 4mm
Colour/s Beige
Dimensions 203mm x 4mm
Weight 0.462kg, 2.31kg, 6.93kg, 13.86kg
Material Japanese Birch Wood

Package Contains
1 x Disposable Wooden Chopsticks (100 Pairs / 500 Pairs / 1500 Pairs / 3000 Pairs)