Pardy Disposable Coffee Cup Lids Plastic 4oz 8oz 12oz 16oz Takeaway Hot Drink


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Pardy Disposable Coffee Cup Lids Plastic 4oz 8oz 12oz 16oz Takeaway Hot Drink


Does your business need a bulk and low-cost solution for lids to your disposable paper cups?

Look no further! - this bulk range of Premium Pardy Disposable Coffee Cup Lids is perfect for Pardy Disposable Coffee Cups, serving both hot and cold drinks like coffee, tea or water while protecting your hands and keeping drinks at an ideal temperature.

As a business, we understand that reducing your expenses while maintaining quality is the holy grail. We are able to provide an extremely economical price as we are selling direct from our manufacturer.

We offer a 100% Superior Quality & Free Shipping Australia-Wide Guarantee with no hidden shipping/handling charges like competitors.

Suitable for restaurants, cafes, catering, functions or home.

Note: It is highly recommended to pair these Pardy Lids with cups sold by Simply Home-ware or Pardy to ensure a safe, leak-proof fit.

Package Includes

Disposable Coffee Cup Lids (100 / 250 / 500 / 1000 / 2000 pcs)

Premium tough plastic construction for increased strength & safety
100% guaranteed lowest price on eBay (price-match offered) & superior quality to others
Standard size range - 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz
Ideal for all hot & cold drinks
Environmentally-friendly recyclable materials
BPA & CFC-Free
Suits all domestic/commercial/industrial applications
Excellent bulk value options available

Lid Carton Size: 1000 Lids
Material: High Density PE
4oz (120ml) Lids

Weight: 2g

8oz (250ml) Lids

Weight: 2.75g

12oz (375ml) /16oz (500ml) Lids

Weight: 4g