Premium DualShock Joypad Game Controller Gamepad For Microsoft Original XBOX


Product Code: GME_029_XB_OZ_1x

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Product Features
  • This smaller Xbox game controller with a new  button layout that allows greater flexibility for your gaming experience.
  • Brand new and High Quality generic controller for XBOX
  • It is another high-quality accessory that gives you the option of choosing what works for you.
  • It is built for comfort, pinpoint accuracy and total control.
  • Colour: Black
  • Wired Length: 1.45m (4.8ft)


  • 2 analog thumbs ticks
  • 6 analog action buttons with pressure-sensitive controls
  • 1 eight-way directional pad
  • 2 analog pressure-point triggers
  • 2 vibration feedback motors
  • 2 menu navigation buttons
  • 2 expansion slots for memory cards or other accessories (sold separately)


  • Gamepad controller for Xbox