Rechargeable 500 Yard Remote Vibration Pet Dog Training Collar Waterproof PD520V


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  • Remote transmitter is small, flexible and simple to use.
  • Receiver collar is highly waterproof.
  • It has 3 functional modes: shock/vibration/sound.
  • Levels of vibration and shock are adjustable, and a proper level has to be determined.
  • When you use this pet training system for the first time, you are advised to try Level 1-100 gradually.
  • The remove distance is 500 yards (without any disturbance).
  • There are two signal channels in the remote transmitter, it can control two receivers of the same model.
  • Energy-saving design: automatic stand by model and memory functions.
  • This model is suitable for most large, medium and small-sized dogs.
  • There are vibration, voice functions.
  • Remote control and receiver are charged, the intensity can be adjusted.


  • Input: DC 5V
  • Weight: approx. 280g
  • Suitable for: Dog training, penetrating and safety guarding

Package Included:

  • 1 X Controller
  • 1 X Receiver Collar
  • 1 X Belt
  • 4 X Contact Points
  • 1 X Test Bulb
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X Hang rope
  • 1 X Use Manual