When it comes to reliable packaging, Ozpack offers premium shrink wrap designed to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for plastic shrink wrap for industrial use or heat shrink film for retail products, we provide a range of high-quality options to ensure your items are securely packaged.
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Superior Protection & Versatility with Ozpack’s Shrink Wraps

Our heat shrink wrap offers superior protection, making it ideal for various applications. Whether you need to secure perishable goods, protect hardware, or enhance the appearance of retail products, our plastic shrink wrap delivers exceptional results. The shrink film conforms tightly to items when heat is applied, ensuring a tamper-proof seal and a professional finish. This added security helps maintain product integrity and customer satisfaction.

Convenient & Durable Heat Shrink Wrap

Designed for convenience and durability, our heat shrink paper and films are made from high-quality materials like polyethylene and PVC, ensuring they can withstand diverse environmental conditions. Our shrink wrap is puncture-resistant and prevents damage from moisture and pests, making it a reliable choice for storage and transportation. With easy application, our heat shrink packaging saves time and may help reduce labour costs.

Plastic Shrink Wrap With Customisable Options

Customisation is essential to effective packaging. At Ozpack, we offer plastic shrink wrap in multiple sizes and thicknesses to suit specific application needs. This ensures you find the perfect fit for any packaging requirement, enhancing the security and professional appearance of your products. Our customisation options allow for tailored solutions that meet your unique packaging challenges.

Efficient Deliveries for Your Shrink Film Australia-Wide

Proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated, we are committed to supporting local businesses and communities by providing high-quality packaging solutions. Delivering shrink film across Australia, we dispatch all orders within one working day, ensuring you receive your products quickly and efficiently.

Versatile Heat Shrink Packaging for Every Need

Our heat shrink packaging is versatile and suitable for various applications. Here’s where you can use them:

  • Food Storage & Preservation: Our plastic shrink wrap is perfect for food storage, helping preserve freshness and extend shelf life. The shrink film’s tight seal prevents contamination and spoilage, making it ideal for home and commercial use.
  • Industrial & Retail Applications: For industrial and retail applications, Ozpack’s heat shrink film provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution. It not only protects products during transit but also enhances their visual appeal, making them more attractive to customers.
  • Educational & Home Use: Ozpack’s heat shrink wrap is also suitable for educational and home use. From preserving school supplies to organising household items, our shrink wrap offers a multi-use solution that ensures items remain secure and well-protected.
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Applications: Our heat shrink film is also perfect for medical and pharmaceutical applications, ensuring that items remain sterile and tamper-proof. This makes it an excellent choice for packaging medical instruments and supplies, providing security and hygiene.

Shop Your Heat Shrink Film at Ozpack

Ready to enhance your packaging with high-quality heat shrink wrap? Shop now at Ozpack and experience the benefits of our superior packaging solutions. Whether you need heat shrink film for industrial, retail, or home use, we have the perfect product for you. Browse our collection and enjoy competitive prices, excellent customer service, and fast dispatch times.
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