Why are these bags so good?

- Reliable PET/VMPET/PE, very high barrier protection
- Crystal clear high clarity see through window
- High quality and in factory sealed master bag


Stand-up zip lock pouch with half transparent surface design, perfect for storing, packing, displaying your products.
Leak proof &Waterproof effectively
The self-sealing pouches maintain dryness with its excellent air-tightness and ensures free of bacterium, moisture, oxygen.
Provides a puncture resistant, airtight and odor proof barrier to protects items.
Comes with a high clarity see through window, please refer to above picture for comparison with other pouches, and opaque silver back.
Extra wide concave-convex self-sealing zip lock strips can be sealed by being gently pressed, and to be used repeatedly.

Pouch size in External Measurement: Width x Height + Gusset.

  • Size: 200 mm x 300 mm + 50 mm 
  • Quantity: 100/200/500pcs


200 mm x 300 mm + 50 mm Clear Aluminium Foil Mylar Stand Up Retail Bags Zip Lock Pouches Pouch Packaging

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