Strong cardboard construction - Our A4 Multi Crease box provides superior strength and protection for your goods in transit. It is made from high-quality, kraft brown cardboard that is durable and strong.

- Self locking design - Easy to assemble without any additional packaging materials, thanks to its self locking design. The box will stay firmly in place, keeping your belongings safe and secure during shipping.

- Flexible 3 heights - Switch up the height of your box with one click! Choose between heights 60/45/30mm with our A4 Multi Crease Box for maximum flexibility. Perfect for whatever you need shipped.

- Versatile use - Whether you're shipping items to customers or organizing a home storage project, this versatile 2 pieces A4 Multi Crease box can come to the rescue! Its lightweight design fits easily into mailers and can carry up to 20kg of weight.

    A4 Multi Crease Kraft Brown Box 328x220mm (Heights 60/45/30mm)

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