3899 3995

Strong and durable - Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your delicate items will arrive safely to their destination. Our A5 Multi Crease Box is made from strong cardboard, so you can rely on it to protect your goods in transit.

- Easy to assemble - This self-locking design means assembly is quick and easy. No need for tape or adhesives – simply fold the box together and you're ready to go!

- 5 heights in one box - Get 5 different heights in 1 box! From 50mm high, all the way down to 10mm, you can find the perfect size for all of your items.

- Stylish Kraft Brown Finish - Choose this Kraft Brown design for a stylish presentation. The colour provides an earthy finish that would match most occasions beautifully.

    A5 Multi Crease Kraft Brown Box 220x160mm (Heights10/20/30/40/50mm)
    3899 3995

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