At, we carry an extensive range of brown paper bags. Perfect for businesses and consumers, these bags offer a blend of functionality and are environmentally friendly. From takeaway needs to retail packaging, we have the solution for your brown paper bag needs.
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Brown Paper Bags Wholesale

Are you looking to bulk purchase? Our brown paper bags wholesale options provide the perfect solution. Not only do they support your business operations, but they also cater to the eco-conscious consumer. Explore our collection and make the switch to a more sustainable packaging option today.

If you need an alternative that locks in the freshness and flavour for longer, explore our selection of vacuum seal bags.

Takeaway Bags

Our takeaway bags are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the food service industry. Whether you're packaging up a gourmet feast or a simple snack, our paper takeaway bags ensure your products reach their destination intact and presentable. Our paper takeaway bags are sturdy, reliable and fully recyclable, making them a favourite among environmentally conscious businesses and customers.

Why Choose Ozpack’s Takeaway Paper Bags?

Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality with our takeaway paper bags. Ideal for many applications, these bags stand out as the environmentally responsible choice, merging eco-consciousness with durability and practicality. By choosing our takeaway paper bags, you not only are your needs met with high standards but also play a crucial role in supporting environmental preservation. Their design guarantees that they can handle numerous contents securely, making them a versatile option for businesses and individuals. 

Our Range of Paper Takeaway Bags

Our range of takeaway paper bags offers eco-friendly packaging solutions for various needs, from takeaway food and groceries to crafts and gifts. Available in a selection of sizes to suit any requirement, these takeaway bags are perfect for businesses and events looking for sustainable options. 

The collection includes both white and brown paper bags, ensuring versatility and style in presentation. Crafted with durability in mind, they cater to small and large packaging needs efficiently, making them ideal for anyone seeking practical yet environmentally conscious packaging alternatives.

Why Choose Ozpack for Takeaway Bags? is Australia's leading wholesale packaging supplier, serving a wide range of requirements for households, businesses, and educational bodies. As a proud Australian-owned and operated company, our goal is to enhance our customers' capabilities through a broad product range, attractive prices, and exceptional customer support.

Our Location

Situated in Sydney, New South Wales, our primary warehouse is open from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Enjoy prompt and efficient service as we guarantee that every order is processed and sent out within one business day.

Customer Service

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our seamless shopping experience, supported by knowledgeable advice and attentive support for all our clients. We aim to ensure each interaction is smooth, providing the help and information you need to make informed choices and making your shopping process efficient and rewarding.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

At, we are dedicated to conducting our business responsibly and sustainably, contributing positively to the communities where our customers, suppliers, and team members reside. That's why our range of packaging materials is designed with sustainability in mind. Choose our products for an eco-friendly approach to packaging and include environmentally friendly packaging in your business strategy.

Your One-Stop Solution for Brown Paper Bags & Packaging Needs

From packaging boxes to calico bags and brown paper bags wholesale, we have everything you need to meet your packaging requirements. 

Explore our range and discover how we can help you enhance your food preservation and packaging strategies.
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