Designed to streamline the packaging process while offering your goods the protection they need, our Self Sealing Box 150x150x75mm Kraft Brown Heavy Duty products are the solution that many a packing room and online retailer need. The peel-and-seal technology makes it super easy to ensure a night, tight, and secure closure, without having to apply your own tape. 

Not only does this mean that workers in your packing room can get products ready to ship in much less time, but it also ensures a safer trip for your goods. This is helped in large part by the heavy-duty cardboard, designed to make it through all journeys without any concern. These high-quality materials are the perfect choice for long-distance shipments. These self-sealing boxes bring with them a professional cleanness in design, as well, which can help improve the impression they leave on your customers and clients.

Available in a range of quantities to help meet your needs, revolutionize your mailing room with these thick, reliable, and convenient boxes.

  • Color: Kraft Brown
  • Peel and Seal/Easy to assemble postal boxes
  • Heavy Duty Cardboard
  • E Flute Thick
  • Perfect solution to send parcels quickly and efficiently in one simple step


Wholesale 2000pcs Self Sealing Box 150x150x75mm Kraft Brown Heavy Duty

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