Wholesale Stand-Up Zip Lock Pouches with Semi-Transparent Design for Bulk Purchase

Enhance your wholesale offerings with our premium Stand-Up Zip Lock Pouches, perfect for businesses looking to improve their product storage, packing, and display capabilities. These pouches feature a practical half-transparent surface and a stylish opaque silver back, combining functionality with visual appeal for various market needs.

Key Wholesale Features:

  • Versatile Visibility: Equipped with a high clarity see-through window that allows for easy product identification and comparison, enhancing consumer trust and satisfaction.
  • Leak Proof & Waterproof: Expertly crafted to be leak proof and waterproof, these pouches protect contents from moisture, oxygen, and contaminants, ensuring products remain dry and fresh.
  • Superior Protection: Provides a puncture-resistant, airtight, and odor-proof barrier, safeguarding items from external damage and scent transfer.
  • Efficient Sealing: Features extra wide, concave-convex self-sealing zip lock strips for easy, repeatable sealing that enhances product integrity and consumer convenience.

Product Specifications for Bulk Orders:

  • Size: Each pouch measures 160 mm x 240 mm with a 40 mm gusset, accommodating a variety of items.
  • Bulk Packaging Options: Available in quantities of 10000 pieces to suit different scale needs and ensure cost-effective supply.

Ideal for sectors such as food service, retail, and pharmaceuticals, these Stand-Up Zip Lock Pouches are designed to meet the demands of businesses looking for reliable, attractive, and easy-to-use packaging solutions. Stock up now and provide your customers with packaging that protects and presents products effectively.

Wholesale 10000pcs Stand-Up Zip Lock Pouches 160 mm x 240 mm + 40 mm with Transparent Window | Bulk Packaging Solutions

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