Finding sturdy and secure shipping boxes and mailing cartons shouldn’t be challenging. Fortunately, with us, it isn’t. We offer this Australian-made packaging product (100 x 100 x 800mm) for medium-sized applications. 


This box is the perfect size for  items and has substantial height to accommodate irregular goods. It’s also lightweight at just 150g while offering superior sturdiness, making it suitable for rigorous freight applications. Cartons ensure items arrive at their destination safely, minimising worry and enhancing peace of mind. 


Our brown shipping mailing boxes are 100% recyclable, helping your business operate more sustainably – something that appeals to eco-conscious consumers. Furthermore, using them supports Australian manufacturing. All cartons are made in the country, boosting the economy and jobs. 


Lastly, our brown shipping cardboard cartons are more than boxes. Packaging products are made using advanced construction techniques, enabling them to retain their shape in more intensive applications. Find this box and similar items right here. 


  • Available in size (100 x 100 x 800mm) with generous height dimensions
  • Highly reliable and sturdy construction for the most demanding applications
  • An eco-friendly choice – made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Made in Australia – purchases support local manufacturing operations
  • Just 150g for lightweight shipping and distribution, reducing freight costs


100 x 100 x 800mm Slotted Brown Shipping Cardboard Cartons/Mailing Boxes

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