Ensure your deliveries and gifts arrive with a little more care with our Lavender Shredded Color Soft Tissue Paper Filler - 450g, designed to be the perfect thing for all manner of boxes, baskets, hampers, and more. Designed to work as a filer, it can be included in gift boxes, hampers, e-commerce packaging, baskets, or as decoration, pet foraging, and much more.

Convenient, lightweight, and a safe option for packing loose items to stop them from moving around too much, this shredded paper filler won't add too much to the delivery weight of your items. The texture and filling that it adds can bring a new sense of anticipation to opening your boxes, deliveries, and gifts!

We also have other colors available, so you can give your deliveries, gift boxes, hampers, and more the kind of visual flair that you want.

Quantity: 1 bag
Weight: about 450g
Material: Tissue Paper
Other colors are also available
Versatile filler

Lavender Shredded Color Soft Tissue Paper Filler - 450g

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